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The Green Heritage Fund Suriname was established in October 2005 and is a charitable nonprofit. The Foundation was established due to our belief that the image of Lucia (Bradypus tridactylus) should not be used commercially, and with the idea that a non-profit charity could reinvest all earnings in programs that would help improve the fate of animals.

Thus, the Foundation’s first program was born, the Xenarthra Program.The second and perhaps more well known initiative of the Foundation is the Dolphin Program. In 2005 a group of friends began to make regular trips in the Suriname River Estuary stopping at the beach of Braamspunt. Over time these outings developed into a regular research and monitoring activity. They also helped to encourage dolphin tourism which yields benefits for the local community.

In accordance with Article 4.5 of the Articles of Association the members of the Board should not enjoy any financial benefits from the foundation. The board is, however, authorized to allocate for special or extensive activities that are performed for the fulfillment of the board duties, a reasonable compensation. A Secretariat, headed by one director, may be established to implement the decisions of the board and conducting the day-to-day management over the activities of the foundation.

The board will meet as often as the Chairman, or at least two members of the board deem necessary, in addition to the annual meeting in which the annual report is approved,

Our Team

Monique Pool

Founder & Director
Recently named as a ‘CNN Hero 2015’, Monique Pool founded the Green Heritage Fund Suriname in 2005 after agreeing to foster and rehabilitate an orphaned sloth from the local animal shelter.  Monique soon fell in love with these unique animals and discovered Suriname’s need for rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of all Xenarthra species due to...
Yvonne Tahar

Yvonne Tahar

Majordomo & Animal Handler
Yvonne Tahar has been providing care and love for animals at GHFS since 2005.  In addition to assisting in managing the facility, Yvonne assists in coordinating volunteers and addressing the needs of the animals at GHFS for rehabilitation.  Yvonne applies the principles of balance and harmony to transform the energy of traumatized animals during the...
100% Volunteer Supported

100% Volunteer Supported

Green Heritage Fund Suriname is proud to be nearly 100% volunteer operated.  We are comprised of Surinamese volunteers from all walks of life, students, and long-term visitors from abroad.  Volunteers complete a variety of tasks including animal rescues and care, administrative duties, communications, fundraising, event planning, and much more.  We also welcome volunteers who share...

What People Say

The GHFS Logo


The GHFS logo is symbolic of what we work to protect.

1. Map of Suriname with location of largest nature reserve the Central Suriname Nature Reserve, and coastal species such as the Guiana dolphin and Sea Turtles, to show that our work covers the whole of Suriname and also the marine realm.

2. The biodiversity that can be found in Suriname, including humans, who only leave a footprint, and nothing else behind.

3. The cultural values expressed with traces left behind by the earliest inhabitants of Suriname, such as petroglyphs and their knowledge of Surinamese natural resources. The forest and the water are dynamic, but these natural sacred spaces remain and also pass on information. The flowing water gives us the idea of time, both the current, past and the future.

4. Two important natural sites in Suriname, Tafelberg and Voltzberg, exemplary for the pristine forests of Suriname, a country that has the highest per capita forest cover in the world.